Country Policy Working Groups

To make sure our policy work reaches all devolved nations and the Republic of Ireland, we have set up four Country Policy Working groups: England Policy Group, Wales Policy Group, Scotland Policy Group and Ireland Policy Group (including Republic of Ireland).

The purpose of the four country-specific working groups is to:

  • Provide strategic leadership on the development and delivery of our policy positions and activities in the relevant country.
  • Horizon-scan and monitor relevant policy issues to identify areas of policy that we could be proactive in.
  • Draft responses to country-specific policy issues, for example, through consultation and inquiry responses and developing position statements.
  • Organise and/or participate in relevant meetings and events.
  • Ensure that our views are represented to relevant stakeholders.
  • Provide strategic oversight for partnerships and liaise with appropriate bodies in the group’s country of operation.
  • Build relationships with relevant partners and policy and decision-makers.

Recent examples of work by our policy group include:

No Deal Brexit: Considerations for Members Working in Ireland

Welsh Government’s Green Infrastructure Guidance: Position Statement

Biodiversity Net Gain in Scotland

Natural Capital and Biodiversity: A Briefing Note for Ecologists and Environmental Managers (England)

Natural Capital and Biodiversity: A Briefing Note for Policy-Makers (England)

The country policy working groups work in collaboration with the Strategic Policy Panel and CIEEM Policy Team and, where appropriate, with the relevant Geographic Section Committee(s) and Country Project Officers.

Members of the England Policy Group

  • Peter Gilchrist
  • Nick Coppin
  • Tom Gray
  • Lisa Kerslake
  • Niall Machin
  • Will Manley
  • Fiona Mathews
  • Felicite Dodd
  • Timothy Reed

Members of the Ireland Policy Group

  • Nick Marchant – Chair
  • Orla Maguire
  • Katherine Kelleher
  • Will Woodrow
  • Deborah D’Arcy
  • Gavin Fennessy
  • Maeve Flynn
  • Donncha Madden
  • Mary Tubridy
  • George Smith
  • Aebhin Cawley
  • Andrew Torsney

Members of the Scotland Policy Group

  • Julie Bhatti – Chair
  • Caroline McParland
  • Greg Chamberlain
  • Roger Crofts
  • Stewart Angus
  • Desmond B Thompson
  • Laura Dunn
  • Hannah Williams
  • Sarah Kydd
  • Cathy Mayne
  • Adrian Davis
  • Graham Russell
  • Rhiannon Ferguson

Members of the Wales Policy Group

  • Michael Willis – Chair
  • Penny Lewns
  • Harriet Webb
  • Matthew Harris
  • Claire Pooley
  • Neil Parker
  • Jerry Langford
  • Emily Williams
  • Sarah Simons
  • Craig Llewellyn
  • Dan Leow
  • Olivia Cairns
  • Richard Birch

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