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Our Service to You

The Secretariat team strive to deliver excellent customer service to members, member applicants and other stakeholders. We are truly sorry if we get things wrong but if you have been disappointed by your engagement with us then please do contact us to give us the opportunity to put things right.

If you wish to make a complaint about our service and support then you can do so by completing this form and submitting it to enquiries@cieem.net.

Appropriate behaviour

Our staff are expected to treat everyone they engage with through the course of their work with courtesy, respect and fairness. Similarly, we expect our staff to be treated in the same way. We understand that occasionally people get upset or frustrated and perhaps behave out of character, but we have a duty to protect the welfare and safety of staff and will not accept rude, aggressive or abusive behaviour.

Our definition of rude, aggressive or abusive behaviour includes (but is not limited to):

  • threats of physical harm or actual physical harm
  • behaviour or language (verbal or written) that may cause staff to feel offended, afraid, threatened or abused – this includes shouting, derogatory remarks, swearing at staff or discriminatory language
  • insulting or degrading language
  • behaviour designed to undermine, embarrass or belittle staff
  • making serious allegations against staff without any evidence
  • making persistent unreasonable demands despite receiving a clear explanation as to why those demands are unreasonable

If we feel behaviour is unacceptable or unreasonable, we may take any of the following actions depending on how our staff are being affected and the extent to which we are able to reasonably engage with you to resolve the matter:

  • restrict or end contact on the matter
  • ask that all future contact is made through another member of staff
  • end contact entirely for a period of time
  • for members and member applicants, refer the matter to the Professional Standards Committee for consideration as a potential breach of the Code of Professional Conduct
  • take any other action that we consider appropriate (in extreme cases, this may include reporting behaviour to the police, blocking calls and returning correspondence)

The appropriate action will be determined by a manager. We will let the individual know about the action we are taking and the reason for it. Our actions may be reconsidered if the individual commits to behaving with courtesy and respect going forwards.