Membership Fees

Current Membership Subscription Fees

Chartered Ecologist Chartered Environmentalist Fellow / Full Associate Graduate* / Qualifying / Retired Student**
Great Britain £59 £59 £187 £142 £72 £26
Ireland & Northern Ireland £59 £59 £130 £100 £72 £26
Ireland & Northern Ireland (Euro) €65 €65 €142 €110 €79 €29
International £59 £59 £96 £71 £36 £26
International (Euro) €65 €65 €105 €78 €40 €29
*We are no longer accepting applications to Graduate membership. The subscription fee is only applicable to existing members at this grade.
**Student members studying on a degree currently accredited by CIEEM are eligible for free membership.

Application Fees

Applications to Qualifying membership and higher are subject to a non-refundable administration fee on receipt of a form. Please see the table below.

Full Associate Qualifying
New Application £30 £30 £15
New Application (Euro) €33 €33 €17
Upgrade Application £15 £15 n/a
Upgrade Application (Euro) €17 €17 n/a

If your application is successful, an invoice for the appropriate subscription fee will be issued based on the relevant fees charged at the time of admission. Upgrade subscription fees are the difference in cost between the amount paid for your most recent renewal and the current subscription fee for the grade you are offered.

Subscription fee invoices are generated on a pro-rata basis for all applications to Qualifying membership and higher. Please note that the pro-rata discount is not applicable to applicants for Student membership, for whom the standard administration fee is waived instead.

Month application is successful  Proportion of subscription fee due 
Oct, Nov, Dec Full amount
 Jan, Feb, Mar Three quarters full amount
 Apr, May, Jun Half full amount
 Jul, Aug, Sept Quarter full amount


View our subscription and administration fee refund policy.