If you are looking for your first role or just starting out as a professional in the sector and building on your knowledge and skills through training, practical experience and supervision, Qualifying membership could be for you.

Whether you are (or soon to be) a recent graduate, are already undertaking full or part-time work in the sector, or are volunteering to gain experience, you are likely to already have a basic understanding of terminology and concepts, and some experience of their practical application. Our Qualifying membership is the natural home for you while you work towards a competence-assessed membership grade.

As a Qualifying member, you will be looking for opportunities to start making a real difference for the benefit of nature and society. To help you to progress, you will be able to access member benefits to support your professional development, including:

Professional recognition
  • Enhance your CV with CIEEM Qualifying membership.

Please note that a post-nominal is not awarded at this level of membership as Qualifying applications do not involve an assessment of competence.*

Training and CPD
  • Discounted rates on our extensive professional development programme of conferences, training events and webinars.
  • Plan and record your CPD through our online platform.
  • A quarterly copy of CIEEM’s highly-regarded In Practice magazine.
  • Monthly updates on policy and the latest news from the sector directly to your inbox.
  • Advice and support on professional matters through our Technical and Professional Guidance resources.
  • Local and regional networking opportunities through your nearest Member Network.
  • Our Mentoring Platform can help you with your career and professional development by matching you with the perfect mentor based on your goals.
  • Opportunities to meet other ecological and environmental professionals and potential employers through our national training and events programme.
Supporting you and the sector
  • Exclusive member discounts from carefully chosen suppliers of equipment and clothing.
  • A Member Assistance Programme where you can access an extensive package of support including telephone advice lines, counselling services, and a website on topics such as debt, stress management and mental health.
  • ‘Give something back’ and develop your own skills through numerous volunteering opportunities.
  • Spread the cost of your membership subscription.
  • Take a career break without losing your membership and its benefits.

How do I join?

Becoming a Qualifying member of CIEEM is easy.  We simply ask you to tell us a bit about yourself, how you are currently involved in the sector, and what plans you have to develop your experience, competence and career in the next few years.

To apply, download:

Please note that Qualifying membership is designed to support those at the very earliest stages of their career in the sector and applicants that are deemed to be clearly working at a higher level of competence are likely to have their application refused.

* Please note that it is only Associate memberships and above which grant post-nominals to CIEEM members. A post-nominal is not awarded at the Qualifying level. Any inclusion of a self-constructed post-nominal, for instance in reports, on LinkedIn or in an email signature etc. is in breach of the Institute’s Member Regulations and could be investigated as a possible breach of CIEEM’s Code Of Professional Conduct.

What does it cost?

CIEEM’s subscription year runs from 1st October annually. Please see the table below for the current membership subscription fees by grade and location, and the administration fees associated with new applications for membership.


Subscription fee (annual) Administration fee
Great Britain £80 £15
N. Ireland & Eire
£80 £15
N. Ireland & Eire
€93 €17
£40 £15
€47 €17

Should you wish to pay in Euros please contact the Membership team on 01962 868626 to make payment.  CIEEM reserves the right to revise Euro fees subject to changes in the rate of exchange.