Self-Assessment Tool

The Competency Framework Self-Assessment Tool will help you to identify the areas of the CIEEM Competency Framework in which you are likely to be most competent and those where there is scope for personal development.

For every competency it uses a series of ‘indicator statements’ to help you see whether you are likely to already meet the majority of the expectations for each specific competence level. By answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’ the tool will assign a score to your responses and calculate whether you have sufficient ‘yes’ answers to be able to evidence competence if required to do so (although please note that the self-assessment is only indicative and is based on your opinion. It does not confirm competence).

You can use the Tool to:

  • Check what is expected for relevant competencies at each competence level.
  • Plan your personal development to progress your current competencies or identify new areas you wish to explore with a view to your future career path.
  • See whether you are ready to apply to upgrade your CIEEM membership (or which grade is most appropriate for you if you are not yet a member).
  • Remind yourself of areas of work that contribute to your overall competence, but which you might ordinarily overlook when asked to demonstrate this.

You can use the Tool as many times as you like. The result for each competency will be sent to you via email and recorded for you for future reference.

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