A Flexible Membership

We’re proud that on average over 92% of our members renew their membership every year. This means that, for many, they’ve continued to be a CIEEM member as both their careers and their lives have taken them in different, and sometimes unexpected, directions. We don’t take the support provided by membership for granted, so we are pleased to provide a number of options to support you when your circumstances change. 


Changes to your career

Returning to study

If you are a Fellow, Full, Associate or Qualifying member returning to full-time study on an examined degree, HND, Foundation degree or equivalent qualification, you can apply for a 50% discount on an annual CIEEM subscription until your course ends.  

If you do not wish to take advantage of the 50% discount, or you are studying part-time and not in any relevant paid employment, you can choose to place your membership into abeyance as an alternative. Please read on for more information about abeyance agreements. 


Retired Membership

Fellow, Full and Associate members that have retired and only undertake a maximum of 24 days paid work in any subscription year could be eligible to become a Retired member of CIEEM. 

As a Retired member, you keep all of your current member benefits – such as discounted conference places, sector and policy news and the In Practice magazine, as well as your existing suffix (with the small addition of ‘(Rtd)’ at the end) – all for a reduced subscription fee. You also have the option to retain any Chartered status you have attained. 

For more information about changing your membership status please contact the Membership Team via  membership@cieem.net.


Changes to your circumstances

Placing your membership on hold

Fellow, Full, Associate and Qualifying memberneeding to take a short break from membership can request to do so for a maximum of five consecutive years. The most common reasons given for requesting an abeyance agreement are maternity/paternity leave and childcare; issues related to long-term/chronic illness; or a temporary career break. You can choose to keep receiving certain CIEEM communications and updates to stay in touch with the sector, but your subscription fee and CPD obligations will be suspended. 

Deferring your membership fee

Any Fellow, Full or Associate member that is experiencing temporary financial hardship and cannot afford to pay a membership subscription when due may be able to enter into a deferral agreement and pay it at a later date, or by instalments. 

Longer term financial hardship

If as a CIEEM member you find yourself on a low income then you may be eligible for substantially reduced rates to attend training courses and conferences.  

Supporting your wellbeing

All CIEEM members and their dependants can access free advice and support on a range of subjects, and even confidential counselling, through the Member Assistance Programme. 

If you are a current member and would like more information about accessing any of this kind of support please log in to ‘My CIEEM’ and visit the ‘Supporting Members’ pages, or contact the Membership Team via  membership@cieem.net.


Changes to your level of expertise

Upgrading your membership

In order to take advantage of a broader range of benefits and receive support, guidance and information that is most appropriate to you, we encourage all members to seek a grade of membership that best reflects their level of competence and professional expertise.  

When the time comes, the process of upgrading membership is now easier than ever. For more information about how to upgrade your membership please log in to ‘My CIEEM’ and visit the ‘Upgrade your Membership’ pages.