New Members and Upgrades

The decision on admission is usually taken by the Membership Admissions Committee or Registration Authority under delegated authority from the Governing Board but may be taken by the Governing Board itself. These lists were previously published in In Practice magazine, but are now published here. You can also search for current members using the Membership Directory.

June 2023

CIEEM is pleased to welcome the following individuals as new members:

Full Members (MCIEEM)

Ann Bailey, Daniel Foy, David Kothamasi, Amy Martin, Shea O’Driscoll, Emma O’Shea, Dr. Andrew Tongue, Jude Ward

Upgrades to Full Membership (MCIEEM)

Erika Dahlberg, Georgina Davey, Samuel Kendray, Gareth Lang, Alice Samuel, Samuel Smith, Josey Travell, George Wilkinson, James Williams

Associate Members (ACIEEM)

Bethany Beck, Tim Bernhard, Jamie Fletcher, Chelsie Fuge, Benjamin Griffin, Annie Hatt, Annabel Hoeffler, Shah Jelil, Toby Palmer, Jesse Kayode Ross, Kate Wolstenholme

Upgrades to Associate Membership (ACIEEM)

Sebastian Ashton, Amy Basford, Caitlin Coombs, Edward Day, Naomi Eckersley, Rachel Edwards, Lydia Galbraith, Helen Giddings, Evie Hyland, Nancy Inman, Roisin Jones, Rhys Newell, Eve Proudlove, Sofia Sanchez, Joanna Thow, Jack Wheeler, Aimmie Woodman

Qualifying Members

Ben Atherton, Jamie Balfour, Matthew Banner, Hugo Brooks, Elizabeth Collins, Neil Coyle, David Culleton, Leah Cutts, Alison Driver, Ian Egan, Nathan Finn, Louise Gower, Megan Irwin, Holly Kembrey, Rhianna Kemp, Andrew Lewis, Eleanor Grace MacQuarrie, Alfie Martin-Parsons, Tess McAlister, Georgia Morris, Emily Murchison, Katy Parsons, Abigail Poppleton, Christine Powell, Katharine Pownall, Mirza Rashid, Luke Shaw, Eilidh Simon, Jared Sims, Michael Sked, Emily Stanford, Joseph Tweedie, Mali Valerio, Ben Wagstaffe, Alexander Ward, Jane Whittington, Kane Wilkinson-Knowles

Upgrades to Qualifying Membership

Genevieve Barrett, Emma Cary, Helen Starmer-Allen

Student Members

Nicola Adcock, Madeleine Brown, Lena Buerger, Neil Burnwyn, Jasmine Cox, Tom Fletcher, Hannah Guy, Jake Heath, Daniel Heaton, Isabel Hewson, Liam James, Shirley Lynch, Thomas Marns, Patrick Ronan McCleave, Hannah Mills, Matthew Nixon, Lily Nobles, Sophie Pearce, Aisha Phillips, Rachel Pool, Joanne Reeves, Sally Richards, Oighrig Rieder, Nicholas Roberts, Ruth Skillen, James Stubbs, Hannah Vincent, Dan Westbury