New Members and Upgrades

The decision on admission is usually taken by the Membership Admissions Committee or Registration Authority under delegated authority from the Governing Board but may be taken by the Governing Board itself. These lists were previously published in In Practice magazine, but are now published here. You can also search for current members using the Membership Directory.

November 2022

CIEEM is pleased to welcome the following individuals as new members:


Chartered Ecologist (CEcol)

Zoë Costas-Michael, Rachel Kerr

Full Members (MCIEEM)

Caroline Laburn, Dr Emma Jardine, Nicholas Donkin

Upgrades to Full Membership (MCIEEM)

Cathy Shaw, Alexandra Wadia, Jodie Southgate, Samuel O’Hara, Rebekah Beaumont, Michael Hockey

Associate Members (ACIEEM)

Steven Tooher, Clare Ross, Tom Kenwright

Upgrades to Associate Membership (ACIEEM)

Alice Bailey, Philippa Loam, Joseph D’Souza, Eliza Waldron, Molly Meadows, Hayley Dean, Katie Dalton, Claire Wiggs, Cassian Wigley, John Kennedy, Stephanie Rowe

Qualifying Members

Jenny Snook, Maia Nicholson, Sam Geldard, Victoria Taylor, Tom Earnshaw, Jordan Holmes, Emma Dilley, Olivia Pargeter, Alex Rosenfeld, Emily Boswell, Claire McCarthy, Emma Howarth, Matthew Ashley, Joshua Mathis, Sean McHugh, Dr Stephanie Bradbeer

Upgrades to Qualifying Membership

Elliot Wilson, Laura Lyons, David Rowlands

Student Members

Julianne Pickard, Cerys Read, Dara Hubert, Kathleen Child, Madeline Davis, Vanesa Conjar, Holly Morton, Ella Stokes, Gillian Wilson, Martial Be, Christina O’Connell, Nasim Mehrabi, Vanessa Beal, Caley Nevin, Charlotte Skinner, Jacob Rafter Redfern, Wen Kang Lee, Lucy King, Nina Jerome, Peter Alcantara, Freya Ford, Lowri Thomas, Olivia Magill, Ross Rutherford, Emma Cary, Vaiva Gudauskyte, Charlotte Jones, Sarahlee Laughlin, Alexander Okoli, Peter Hewetson, Ruth Alexander, Shannon Kirshner, Lance Rudge, Éamonn Mac Donnachá, Verity Miles, Shahid Hussain, Angelica Plumb, Alexandra Taylor, Hannah Brown, Karen Guilfoyle, Omotola Lasaki, James Montgomery, Abhiraj Singh, Meredith Sykes, Samuel Bray, Genevieve Stringer-Calvert, Fern Harvey, Mirian Ementu-Maxwell, William Weaving, Alyson Edwards, Nathan Turnbull, Kayleigh Woodhouse, Geroge Coulson, Charlotte Johnston, Jack King, Elizabeth Morton, Tim Redmond, Green Smith, Ashton Davenport, Alistair Morrell, Alexandria Vaughan, Georgieanna Brimblecombe