About Our Members

CIEEM members are professionally qualified practitioners applying their knowledge and skills in ecological and natural environmental management in a number of different ways. By doing so they are helping to protect and enhance our natural world for current and future generations.

Their work benefits society by helping to manage the impacts of development on nature (and thereby enabling appropriate development to take place lawfully), undertaking practical nature conservation work, teaching, research, advising on effective ecological management, regulating activities that impact on nature, and working with stakeholders to help them understand how best to protect the natural environment. Our members can be found in almost every employment sector: consultancy, industry, local and central government, government body, NGO, charity, and academia.

If you want to find a specific member and you know their name, or you want to check whether someone is a member, you can use our Members’ Directory.

If you want to find consultants to help you with our project visit our Finding a Consultant webpage.

If you are a CIEEM member looking for a sub-contractor, please log into the members’ area of the website to search the Sub-Contractors Directory.

CIEEM members put themselves forward for peer-assessment to ensure that they are competent to do their work. They voluntarily agree to abide by our Code of Professional Conduct and be publicly accountable for what they do. We want to be proud of our members and undertake to inquire into their professional conduct if you feel the need to make a complaint.