Applying for Membership

Supporting your application

We strongly encourage you to make use of the additional resources we have created to support you in the application process. If you are still a little unsure about what grade to apply for, then visit the ‘Which Membership grade is best for me?’ page or contact us to discuss your situation. If you are an existing member please log into the website where you will find additional information about upgrading your membership.

CIEEM is an actively anti-discriminatory organisation that works to remove barriers and create an inclusive environment that welcomes individuals of all races, genders, ethnicities, abilities, and backgrounds. In support of this, CIEEM aims to make all of our processes as accessible as we can and is committed to providing appropriate reasonable adjustments. Please contact to find out more about how CIEEM can support you in your membership journey.

Whatever membership grade you choose, all successful applicants are required to abide by our Member Regulations and Code of Professional Conduct, so it is a good idea to download and read these before submitting your application:

If you are applying for Qualifying, Associate, Full or Chartered Ecologist status membership you are required to assess your current level of competence. Do this by:

In addition, we strongly encourage applicants applying for Associate or Full membership to make use of the following resources when preparing their submission.


Downloading an application form

Once you have decided which grade of membership to apply for you will need to complete and return the appropriate form.