Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Statement

This Equality, Diversity and Inclusion statement forms part of work CIEEM are undertaking under the Championing Change agenda.

CIEEM is committed to promoting a culture of inclusion, fairness, and belonging amongst its employees, volunteers, and our member’s employers as together we work to tackle the urgent challenges of the climate emergency and the biodiversity crisis.

We recognize that the environmental sector has been historically lacking in diversity, and we believe that true innovation and resilience emerge when individuals from diverse backgrounds contribute their unique perspectives. We understand that in the natural world healthy ecosystems need diversity to thrive, without it the system will stagnate and decline, we think that human systems are the same.

Our EDI mission is to champion change as an actively anti-discriminatory organisation that works to remove barriers and create an inclusive environment that welcomes individuals of all races, genders, ethnicities, abilities, and backgrounds. In support of this mission, CIEEM aims to make all of our processes as accessible as we can and is committed to providing appropriate reasonable adjustments. Please contact membership@cieem.net to find out more about how CIEEM can support you in your membership journey.

By embracing diversity, we aim to inspire a collective effort that harnesses the potential of varied experiences and talents to propel the environmental sector toward impactful solutions. Together, we strive for a sustainable future where everyone has a role to play in safeguarding our planet.