Registered Practices

CIEEM’s Registered Practices are champions of high professional standards and the delivery of the best outcomes for biodiversity whilst supporting a thriving economy. They are ambassadors for our profession, helping to raise its profile and to communicate its valuable contribution to society.  Registered Practices actively seek to share their knowledge and expertise and support others, both individuals and organisations, to do their bit for our natural world.

“RSK Biocensus became a CIEEM Registered Practice in July this year and almost from day one we noticed a significant increase in the number of enquiries, which has translated directly into an increase in the volume of work for our team. However, this was not the only reason RSK Biocensus decided to become a Registered Practice. We passionately believe in the work the institute does, especially at a such a critical time for the environment in the UK and the island of Ireland, and are therefore delighted to support them and this initiative.”
Dr Tim Hounsome CEcol, MCIEEM – Director, RSK Biocensus

We expect Registered Practices to be at the forefront of our profession over the coming years. They are leaders, not only exemplifying high standards but also working with us to help develop and shape them as we adapt to future challenges. Registered Practices, through their funding and practical help, will be supporting the production of new guidance and practice standards, effective engagement with decision makers and strategic approaches to the training and recruitment of new career entrants.

“We have had more enquiries originating from the CIEEM Directory since becoming a Registered Practice than we would normally have had in a whole year from the previous Directory. Whatever promotion you did with local authorities is clearly working, because quite a few of them are telling clients to use the Directory, which is great. The work we’ve had as a result has more than covered our registration fee.”
Mike Sharp MCIEEM – Director, Swift Ecology

We hope that being a CIEEM Registered Practice will be something you will want to do for your business, not just for the benefits that it can bring you but for the support you will be giving to the profession and the wider industry. We believe that ecological and environmental management is on a journey to a more widely-recognised contributor to societal well-being and economic prosperity. We want you with us for that journey.

Registered Practice status will also give your clients, prospective clients, partners, employees and the wider public confidence in your commitment, your collective competence and your own high standards. It is a benchmark of quality, evidenced by your right to use the CIEEM Registered Practice logo and appear on the new Registered Practices Directory.