How to apply to be a Registered Practice

Applications are now open!

You can apply for Registered Practice status at any time by completing the Application Form and the List of Eligible Employees template.

Completed application forms and accompanying documents should be submitted to You should allow at least 21 days for your application to be checked and your registration to be processed. Incorrectly completed application forms and/or missing supporting documents may lead to delays.

Businesses or organisations will be admitted to the Registered Practice scheme from the 1st of each month and your registration fee will be calculated according to the number of calendar months remaining before the next annual renewal date (for all current Registered Practices) of 1st April.

Please note that submitting incorrect information regarding the number of current employees eligible for CIEEM professional grade membership (see eligibility criteria) and/or the number of relevant full-time equivalent (FTE) permanent employees/ relevant temporary contract employees or contractors contracted for more than 45 days within the last twelve months (see Cost of Registered Practices registration) may be considered a breach of the Code of Practice for Registered Practices and could lead to termination of your registration.

Once your application has been checked, and provided you meet all of the eligibility criteria, you will be invoiced for your registration. Please note that your registration will not become ‘live’ until payment has been received.

In addition to the application form you will need to supply the following information:

  • Proof of business or organisation status as a legal entity. This can be your Company Registration Number or HMRC Unique Reference Number or Irish Tax Reference Number if a sole trader.
  • A description of how your business or organisation promotes CIEEM’s Objects – this can be included in the application form in the space provided or appended.
  • A list of all your eligible permanent (both full-time and part-time) employees undertaking ecological or environmental management work for the business or organisation including their CIEEM membership status and job title.
  • A copy of your business or organisation’s complaints policy (NB: If you do not have a complaints policy you may wish to adapt this template policy).

Please send your application form and supporting information to