What is an Ecologist or Environmental Manager?

You might be wondering, what exactly is an ecologist or environmental manager?

  • Ecology is the branch of biology concerned with relations of organisms to one another and their physical surroundings.
  • Environmental management is the management of human interactions with the environment.

There are general qualities, such as self-motivation, teamwork, computer literacy, and communicating / negotiating skills, which are necessary for most areas of work, but special qualities are needed for a successful career in ecology or environmental management. These skills include:

  • an interest in the natural world;
  • a knowledge of the functioning of natural systems;
  • good academic qualifications in biological or environmental subjects;
  • expertise in one or more groups of living organisms;
  • enjoyment of fieldwork;
  • the staying power needed to complete tedious and sometimes uncomfortable tasks in the field or laboratory; and
  • an ability to take an objective approach to conservation issues.

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