Competency Framework

What is a Competency Framework?

Competencies are activities you need to be able to perform to do your job well and being competent means you can do those activities to the required standard.
You are competent if you:

  • Know what to do.
  • Know how to do it.
  • Know when to do it.
  • Know why you do it.
  • Can do it consistently well.
  • Know when to seek help and advice.

A Competency Framework is a structure that sets out and defines the different competence levels for each individual competency and establishes a clear link with professional performance. It is a standard against which you can measure yourself.

Why does it matter?

The purpose of our Competency Framework is to:

  • Outline the levels of competence expected of our members at different professional grades, so we can conduct an objective assessment of membership and Chartered Ecologist eligibility.
  • Help our members identify their current and required levels of competence, plan their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and progress their careers.
  • Enable employers to write job profiles based on quantifiable levels of expertise.
  • Help us develop evidence-based careers advice.
  • Promote high standards of professional practice.

How can it help you?

Whether you are an existing member or thinking of joining CIEEM, our Competency Framework is a valuable tool. It underpins the membership application process at our higher grades, as well as our extensive professional development programme of training and conferences. Members can use the Framework to assess their existing skillset and identify areas for further development. This can all be tracked and monitored using our online CPD tool.

How is it constructed?

Our Competency Framework is divided into themes and competencies, with a total of 14 themes, each containing between one and six competencies. Themes are simply a way of grouping together related competencies. The themes themselves are divided into technical themes and transferable themes. Technical themes are specific to our profession, transferable themes are found across professions. The ‘building blocks’ of the Competency Framework are the individual competencies, because not all of the competencies within a theme may be relevant to your experience and the work you do.

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Use the online Competency Framework self-assessment tool.