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CIEEM members are part of a growing, rewarding profession charged with managing and protecting the natural environment for the benefit of society. All members have agreed to abide by a Code of Professional Conduct and have had their competence and experience assessed in order to be awarded, where appropriate, the right membership grade.

Membership grades

Professional members of CIEEM may have letters, or post-nominals, after their name which indicates their grade of membership (and increasing level of experience and expertise) as follows:

Post-nominal Membership grade Description
Qualifying member A Qualifying member is typically in the early stages of their career and is learning from (and supervised by) more experienced professionals
ACIEEM Associate member A more experienced member typically able to competently do routine work unsupervised and assist with more complex work or undertake it under supervision
MCIEEM Full member An experienced member able to undertake both routine and more complex/unusual work unsupervised to the standard required
CEcol or CEnv Chartered member A Full member or Fellow who has undergone more rigorous competence assessment and is demonstrably working to the highest standards
FCIEEM Fellow A senior member who has made a significant contribution to the profession

Members’ Directory

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