Our Ambitions & Vision

Building a representative and inclusive organisation

The Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) is widely recognised as the leading professional membership body for ecologists and environmental managers working to protect and enhance nature for the benefit of society. Whilst this sector is currently not very diverse, it is trying to change. Our ambition as the professional membership body is to champion the journey to become more ethnically diverse, LGBTQ+ inclusive and disability confident. This work starts with us and our immediate aim is to build a more diverse and inclusive team at CIEEM that can then lead and influence others.

Our Team Charter value of “Collaboration” provides the framework within which we work. We value the contributions of everyone to make our organisation successful and to achieve maximum impact for nature conservation and the public good.

We have two diversity and inclusion team goals:

1) Improving the diversity of staff by… extending our reach to underrepresented communities
ensuring our shortlisting methods support inclusivity
having diverse interview panels wherever possible
providing accessible interview practices
2) Providing a supportive and inclusive workplace culture by… providing regular access to diversity and inclusivity training for all
offering flexible working
offering fair and competitive salaries


The Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Managements (CIEEM) vision is of a healthy natural environment for the benefit of current and future generations (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Statement). Our mission is to raise the standards and profile of professional ecological and environmental management for the benefit of nature and society.

This means that we aim to provide the necessary resources and training for members, staff, volunteers and those that we collaborate with to deliver this vision. We know this can only happen if we share knowledge, are professional in our approach, are accountable, committed and work collaboratively.

We recognise that to achieve our vision and mission we need a diversity of minds and ideas that can then come together to raise standards for the Ecology and Environmental Management sector. We, therefore, welcome innovative and radical ideas and solutions.