APPG for Nature

*Please note: The APPG for Nature must be reconstituted following the General Election. Check back for updates soon.*

About the Group

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Nature provides a forum for engaging and inspiring parliamentarians and others with the natural world, the major threats that it faces today, and the positives that come from a healthy natural environment.

The Group has a clear focus to be effective beyond individual meetings and events and will seek to extend its influence wherever possible for the benefit of nature and people.

CIEEM provides the Secretariat for the Group and organises an engaging and inspiring programme of activities (including both parliamentary events and site visits) to highlight the importance of nature for its enjoyment and to human well-being, as well as its necessity for the economy and society.

The Group’s Officers are:

  • Steve Double MP
  • Barry Gardiner MP (Chair)
  • Caroline Lucas MP
  • Kerry McCarthy MP
  • Angela Smith MP
  • Baroness Barbara Young of Old Scone

The APPG uses the hashtag #APPGnature on social media.


The APPG for Nature held its Inaugural General Meeting and launch event on 8 July 2019. The theme of the event was Natural Capital, with speakers including Dr Martina Girvan (Arcadis), Dr Adam Dutton (ONS) and Graham Morgan (EDP, and Chair of CIEEM’s England Policy Group). The Group’s Officers were elected during the meeting.

We are currently working on the programme of events for the rest of 2019 and for 2020.


Associate membership of the APPG for Nature is open to non-parliamentary organisations. Membership subscriptions from these organisations provide a source of funding that allows CIEEM to organise events and cover some administration costs. CIEEM will facilitate the running of a regular meeting and site visit programme, parliamentary work and information distribution.

Secretariat services are provided by CIEEM’s Policy and Communications Team. Services include provision of administration; project and event management; shared costs of telephone, IT, web and email hosting; and financial management.

Associate members will receive:

  • All APPG for Nature newsletters, reports and briefings
  • Invitations to all APPG for Nature events
  • Input into the development and delivery of the APPG’s programme of events and activities
  • Recognition of their Supporter Status at APPG for Nature events and on the APPG for Nature webpage.

At meetings, associate members are asked to participate actively in discussions, whilst recognising that the group is intended as a means of disseminating impartial information and that parliamentarians have priority in their contributions. Associate members do not have voting rights, which according to the official APPG rules only Parliamentarians can have.

Associate members are welcome to contribute additional resources etc. to the activities of the APPG.

Annual membership subscriptions and any additional sponsorship for the APPG for Nature are managed by CIEEM.

Annual membership subscription costs £200 per year.


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