In Practice Issue 99: Genetic Techniques and Technologies (March 2018)

Feature Articles

Genetic Techniques and Technologies – Glossary of Terms

Developing DNA-based Techniques in Natural England for Surveying and Monitoring Biodiversity
Andy Nisbet and Kat Bruce

Pollen Analysis Could Be Revolutionised with DNA Techniques
Cuong Q. Tang and Hannah Norman

DNA Metabarcoding of Invertebrates to Evaluate Outcomes of Ecological Restoration
Kat Bruce

Finding Newts – Using Environmental DNA to Detect Great Crested Newts
Jeremy Biggs

Great Crested Newt eDNA Laboratory Quality Systems, Proficiency Testing and Interpretation of Results
Helen Rees and Kevin Gough

eDNA Metabarcoding for Non-Invasive Fish Surveys
Kat Bruce, Cuong Q. Tang and Mark Parry

Practical Application of Genetic Technology in Mammal Research
Denise O’Meara

Use of Environmental DNA Analysis to Detect the Presence of Water Vole
Carl M. Halford, Karl J. Jones, David J. Hill and Wera M. Schmerer

Bringing Beavers Back to Britain – Genetic Considerations in the Restoration of the Eurasian Beaver
Róisín Campbell-Palmer and Helen Senn

Measuring Connectivity and Gene Flow: An Example in the Hazel Dormouse
Fraser Combe

Professional Updates

Natural England Appoints New Panel on Bat Conservation

DNA Working Group for the UK

CIEEM’s Policy Activities
Jason Reeves

Employment and Salary Survey – a Snapshot
Sally Hayns

New Special Interest Group: Ecological Restoration and Habitat Creation
Nick Coppin, John Box, Penny Anderson and David Parker

Student Hub

Why should you be a Chartered Ecologist?

Meet the Member Networks Team

British Ecological Society
Richard English