In Practice Issue 112: Biosecurity and Invasive Species (June 2021)

Max Wade

Feature Articles

Biosecurity Good Practice for Ecologists and Environmental Managers
Mark Fennell, Trevor Renals, Karen L. Bacon, John Cheese and Max Wade

The True Cost of Biosecurity: Who is Paying?
Tom Grayling and Tim Eldridge

Tackling INNS and Implementing Biosecurity in Local Authorities: A Yorkshire Case Study
Janet C. Richardson, Jennifer C. Armstrong, Christopher Hassall and Alison M. Dunn

Marine Invasive Non-native Species in the UK: Scale of the Problem and Progress of the Response
Steve Mustow

Floating Pennywort on the Bedford Ouse: Lessons from Large-scale Management
Lesley Saint, Nina Birkby and James Brokenshire-Dyke

Studying New Zealand Pigmyweed (Crassula helmsii) to Develop Innovative Assessment and Management Techniques
Drew Oliver and Sam King

Invasive Signal Crayfish in the UK: Survey Methods to Inform Evidence-based Management
Dan Chadwick, Lawrence Eagle, Eleri Pritchard, Carl Sayer, Michael Chadwick, Jan Axmacher and Paul Bradley

The Threat of Invasive Common Green Iguanas to Native Caribbean Fauna
Louise Soanes and Farah Mukhida

How Eradication of Invasive Rats can Restore the Chagos Archipelago
Helen Pitman and Peter Carr

Rapid Assessments of the Potential Value of Invertebrate Habitats: Applications for Planning and Nature Conservation (‘Phase 1 for Bugs’)
John Dobson and Jim Fairclough

Good Practice Guidance: Where’s the Evidence?
Mike Dean, Bob Edmonds and Harriet Downey


Assessing the Effect of Nitrogen Deposition on Cannock Chase SAC under the Habitats Regulations: A Different View
David Tyldesley and Graham Machin

Response to Comments made by Tyldesley and Machin to Hibbert (2020)
Catherine Hibbert

Institute Updates

Working Towards a Plant Quadrat Data Repository for Britain and Ireland
Oli L. Pescott, David Morris and David B. Roy

Ethical Dilemmas

Complaints Update

Diversity and Inclusion Within Our Profession: The Survey
Sally Hayns

CIEEM Welcomes New Fellow: Julie Fossitt

Latest Membership News
Sarah Cox

Policy Activities Update
Amber Connett

From the Country Project Officers

Sector News

Edinburgh Biodiversity Declaration
Des Thompson and Roger Crofts

Future Wales: The National Plan 2040
Siobhan Wiltshire

Ecological Evidence: Sources and Opportunities
Hazel Norman

Apprenticeships: A More Inclusive Approach?
Peter Farrell and Caroline Sudworth

International Focus
Fraser Wilkinson

British Ecological Society
Bethany Chamberlain

By Members for Members

Q&A: Barbara, Baroness Young of Old Scone

Student Hub

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