Raising Standards

Understanding what good practice looks like and how to develop your competence in different areas of ecological survey, management and mitigation is fundamental to professional development and progressing your career.

CIEEM has been working with volunteer members to develop taxa-specific competency standards that tell the practitioner what they need to know and what they should be able to do in order to demonstrate increasing levels of competence. These competency standards are derived from the CIEEM Competency Framework and have also drawn on the Ecological Competences: Skills and Process document published by Atkins in 2019.

By using these competency standards you are able to:

  • Identify your current level of competence in the activity described.
  • Understand the evidence you would need to demonstrate competence to others.
  • Plan how to develop your knowledge and skills to move up to the next competence level.

Published Standards

We are pleased to publish the standards set out below.

The following draft Standards are published for consultation and we would welcome comments and feedback using the form provided. Please complete and submit to raisingstandards@cieem.net.

These Standards will be subject to periodic review.

Further Competency Standards are in development including:

  • Terrestrial insects survey, mitigation and management

Each standard is being developed by a working group of volunteer members with subject expertise.

We are grateful to the following members of the steering group for their support for this project: