Bat Mitigation Guidance

In 2018, CIEEM published research by Dr Fiona Mathews and Dr Paul Lintott into bat mitigation effectiveness ‘Reviewing the evidence on mitigation strategies for bats in buildings: informing best-practice for policy makers and practitioners’. Our next step has been to work with key stakeholder organisations to revise and update the 2004 English Nature (now Natural England) Bat Mitigation Guidelines.

Last year we published a Beta version of the new Bat Mitigation Guidelines and invited feedback. Thank you to many people who responded. We have had well over a thousand comments, and are now currently working our way through them, together with some organisational responses.

We hope to publish a final version later this year. In the meantime please note that the Beta version is no longer available to download and should not be referenced in reports. It is not published guidance.

This work has been generously supported by