Bat Mitigation Guidance

In 2018, CIEEM published research by Dr Fiona Mathews and Dr Paul Lintott into bat mitigation effectiveness ‘Reviewing the evidence on mitigation strategies for bats in buildings: informing best-practice for policy makers and practitioners’. Our next step has been to work with key stakeholder organisations to revise and update the 2004 English Nature (now Natural England) Bat Mitigation Guidelines.

Thanks to the sterling authorship of Paola Reason and Stephanie Wray, the invaluable contributions of a number of volunteers and organisations, including the Bat Conservation Trust, and sponsorship from Tyler Grange LLP we are now able to publish a ‘beta version’ of new Bat Mitigation Guidelines.

We know that the document can be further improved and this is where we need your help. The document is open for feedback, comments and suggestions for 12 weeks (until the 13th November  2021). Please provide your suggestions for improvement using the feedback form below and submit as a Word document only please to We would also welcome case studies and photographs for inclusion in the final version. Please also send these to

Bat Mitigation Guidelines (Beta Version)

Feedback form

By making this the best document it can be at this time, utilising the best available evidence, we can deliver better outcomes for bats whilst supporting appropriate development.

We will be collating all the comments and feedback and anticipate publishing a final version in early 2022.

This work has been generously supported by