Bat Mitigation Guidance

In 2017-18 CIEEM, supported by a range of sponsors, worked with Professor Fiona Mathews and Dr Paul Lintott (at that time both at the University of Exeter) to undertake research into the effectiveness of common mitigation strategies used to protect bat populations impacted, or likely to be impacted, during development in the UK and Ireland.

The subsequent research ‘Reviewing the evidence on mitigation strategies for bats in buildings: informing best-practice for policy makers and practitioners’ was published early in 2018. The study provides evidence for planners, developers and ecological practitioners on the efficacy of bat roost mitigation and compensation to help them ensure that mitigation approaches are evidence-based and beneficial for bats.

With the support of Tyler Grange LLP and a range of stakeholder organisations we are now working on new bat mitigation guidance for ecological consultants, developers and planning authorities. We hope to be able to publish this guidance later this year.

Thank you to our sponsors for this project.