NIEA Guidance on Bat Surveys, Assessment and Mitigation for Onshore Wind Turbine Developments in Northern Ireland

There are several existing UK and European guidance documents regarding bat surveys for wind turbine developments available and this Natural Environment Division (NED) guidance is not intended as a replacement for that existing guidance but aims to provide additional clarifications and outline the minimum standards which NED expects for professional bat surveys carried out for onshore wind turbine development proposals in Northern Ireland. Where this guidance is silent on a particular topic the existing published guidance should be used.

This guidance applies to both proposed single wind turbine developments and wind farms. All bat surveys for wind turbine developments should follow this guidance and all existing relevant guidance. Where submitted bat surveys do not follow the recommendations and minimum standards set out by this guidance and other relevant guidance then further information, including additional surveys, may be required before a planning application can be determined and this could cause significant delays to the project.