In Practice Issue 97: One Year on from the EU Referendum (Sept 2017)

Featured Articles

Change Is Inevitable: How Can We Make a Difference?
John Box

CIEEM, Brexit and the Natural Environment: Achieving a Better Future
Jason Reeves

The Great Repeal Bill – Safeguarding the Future of Our Natural Environment Legal Framework?
Josh Middleton

Brexit: A Devolved View – Brexit Implications for the Environment in Wales
Matthew Quinn

Implications of Brexit for Devolved Environmental Law in Scotland
Chris Cathrine

A Brexit Perspective from Ireland
Jenny Neff and Paul Lynas

Biodiversity and Brexit: Emerging Policy Priorities
Liz Spedding

Brexit and Management of Trans-Boundary Pollution: How Will Offshore Operations Be Affected?
Federica Pace

The Investigation and Prosecution of Wildlife Crime – Post-Brexit Challenges and Opportunities
Pete Charleston

Accepting Little Losses to Allow Genuine Gains – A New Approach to Great Crested Newt Mitigation Licensing
Matt Oakley, Luke Gorman, Octavia Neeves and Claire Wansbury

Human Impacts on Nature Reserves – The Influence of Nearby Settlements
Fin Rylatt, Lauren Garside and Sara Robin

An Alternative Approach to the Reporting of Categories of Significant Residual Ecological Effects in Environmental Impact Assessment
John Box, Mike Dean and Matt Oakley

Professional Updates

CIEEM Celebrates Excellence in the Sector
Emma Downey and Jason Reeves

Where the Money Goes: How CIEEM Spends Your Money

CIEEM in Numbers

Changes to Members’ CPD Obligation