In Practice Issue 69: Marine and Coastal Ecology (Sept 2010)


The Certainty of Uncertainty: Developing Adaptation Strategies to Reduce Environmental, Social and Economic Impacts of Climate Change at the Coast
Jeremy Hills CEnv MIEEM, Niall Benson, Maeve Lee, Martin Le Tissier MIEEM and Hester Whyte

Sediment – The Coastal Environment’s Overlooked Asset
Roger Morris CEnv FIEEM

Sand Dune and Shingle Network
Paul Rooney CEnv MIEEM and John Houston CEnv MIEEM

Developing a Grasp of European Eel Conservation
Veronica Lawrie CEnv MIEEM

Cord-Grass Planthopper Prokelisia marginata (Hemiptera: Delphacidae) Sweeps into Kent
John Badmin and Tony Witts

Batpods – A Method for Monitoring Bat Activity Along Linear Features
Barry Wright MIEEM and Nicola Darwin AIEEM

Habitat Suitability Index Scores as an Indicator of the Presence of Great Crested Newts
Catherine Sellars AIEEM

Getting Mitigation Right for Hen Harriers: Hen Harrier Circus cyaneus Mitigation at Knockacummer Wind Farm Development – A Case Study
Howard Williams CEnv MIEEM, Chris Cullen AIEEM and Stephanie Murphy MIEEM

Biodiversity Offsets: Possible Methods for Measuring Biodiversity Losses and Gains for Use in the UK
Jo Treweek CEnv MIEEM, Bill Butcher MIEEM and Helen Temple

Ecology Legal Update – The Court of Appeal on the ‘Morge’ Case: A Further Update
Penny Simpson

IEEM Membership Survey 2010
Jason Reeves AIEEM

Awards Evening Report
Jason Reeves AIEEM