In Practice Issue 63: Ecology in Europe (March 2009)


Protecting European Sites in the British Territories of Cyprus
Ian Davidson-Watts MIEEM and Emma Toovey MIEEM

Opting for Long-Term Sustainable Development 
Wilf Fenten

Countdown 2010 – Together for the 2010 Biodiversity Target! 
Liza Drius

Building On Bog?
Graham Burt-Smith CEnv MIEEM and Clare O’Reilly MIEEM

Roads and Otters in the UK 
Robert Jones Parry MIEEM and Elizabeth Chadwick

Darwin – Gentleman, Amateur, Genius 
Stephanie Wray CEnv FIEEM

Using Field Signs to Identify Water Voles – Are We Getting It Wrong?
Kate Ryland CEnv MIEEM and Barry Kemp AIEEM

Regulation of Standards in Environmental Mitigation Associated with Development 
David Hill CEnv FIEEM

EPS Licensing Update from Natural England 
Edel McGurk

West Thurrock Case Puts Biodiversity Planning Issues in the Dock
Jamie Roberts

1st International Symposium on Bat Migration, Berlin 2009 
Katia Bresso CEnv MIEEM