Scotland Member Network Event: Tree Health in Scotland

Re-watch this Scotland member network event where we were joined by three speakers who talked about some of the pressing tree health concerns in Scotland.

  • Paddy Robertson, Tree Health Planning and Contingency Manager at Scottish Forestry set the context for tree health in Scotland. As the regulator and advisor Scottish Forestry have the responsibility to track diseases and set policy where required.
  • Ruth Mitchell, Biodiversity and Ecosystems Group lead at the James Hutton Institute talked about Ash dieback covering the impacts on biodiversity, mitigation and alternative tree species. She also presented case studies where they have looked at real examples of how you might manage a woodland for biodiversity in the face of a loss of Ash.
  • Alan Gale, Adaptation Programme Manager at Forestry and Land Scotland talked about the impacts of Phytophthera ramorum and Dothistroma on the ground and the ways FLS have been trying to cope, manage and replace. Phytophthera ramorum is causing major concern given how attractive larch woodlands are to wildlife and the fact it can be found on Rhododendron.

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