In Practice Issue 88: Monitoring and Measuring Mitigation Success (June 2015)


Monitoring Mitigation in EIA Developments
Katherine Drayson MCIEEM and Stewart Thompson

Animal Welfare Implications of Mitigation Schemes
Merryl Gelling MCIEEM and Adam Grogan MCIEEM

European Nightjar – Best Practice Mitigation Measures during Windfarm Construction
Mike Shewring and Dan Carrington

A Review of Bird Strike Mortality at Irish Onshore Windfarms
Robert Fennelly MCIEEM

Ecological Monitoring using Wildlife Detection Dogs: Bat Carcass Searches at the Wanlip Wind Turbine
Katrena Stanhope CEnv MCIEEM

Surveying Trees for Bat Roosts: Encounter Probability v. Survey Effort
Henry Andrews CEcol MCIEEM and Mark Gardener

Hedgehogs in Tunnels: Footprint Tracking Tunnels as a Method for Detecting Hedgehog Populations
Richard Yarnell MCIEEM, Ben Williams, Emily Thomas and Philip Baker

Meet the Author – Henry Andrews

Proposed New Guidance for Commissioning Terrestrial Invertebrate Surveys – A Call for Feedback
Richard Wilson CEnv MCIEEM and Sarah Henshall

Meet the Professional Development Team

Diversity in Ecology and Environmental Management – Practitioner’s Survey
Elaine Richmond CEnv MCIEEM and Stephanie Wray CEcol CEnv FCIEEM

Implications of the UK General Election – A CIEEM Perspective
Jason Reeves MCIEEM