In Practice Issue 79: Protected Species (March 2013)


Bioacoustics – A Survey Technology that has Come of Age?
Andrew Baker MIEEM

Noctule Bats and Wind Turbines
Larry Burrows MIEEM

Bat Passes – Redundant or Still Useful? An Alternative Approach to the Analysis and Interpretation of Large Amounts of Data
Sandie Sowler and Neil Middleton AIEEM

Automatic Recognition Systems for Bat Call Identification
Dean Waters MIEEM and Kate Barlow

Evaluation of the Survey Method to Determine Population Size Class for Great Crested Newts in England and Wales
Jules Wynn MIEEM

Using Field Signs to Identify Water Voles – Are we Still Getting it Wrong?
Darren Tansley MIEEM

A Potential English Beaver Trial
Derek Gow MIEEM

Big Society and Nature Conservation
Maria Crastus GradIEEM

Update on the Royal Charter

Fraudulent Claims of Membership