In Practice Issue 71: Agri-Environment (March 2011)


Delivering Environmental Objectives with the Environmental Stewardship Scheme in England
David Burton MIEEM, James Phillips, Phil Grice, Dawn Metcalf and Ross Evans

Ecology and Agri-Environment 
Chloe Palmer MIEEM

Catchment-Scale Flood Storage and Wetland Restoration: A Programme of Rural Works in Northumberland 
Anne Lewis, Elizabeth Bunting, Maria Hardy CEnv MIEEM and Alistair Laverty MIEEM

Evidence-Based Conservation on Farmland – Making it Possible
Lynn Dicks and William J Sutherland

The East of England Wildlife Site Project: Helping get Local Wildlife Sites into Higher Level Stewardship 
Nick Carter FIEEM

Sustaining High Nature Value Farming Systems: Lessons from the West of Ireland 
George F Smith MIEEM, Paul O’Donoghue CEnv MIEEM and Cliona O’Brien

Monitoring the Restoration of Hay Meadows under Environmental Stewardship 
Leslie Williams CEnv MIEEM and Simon Mercer

Is ‘The Crop Protection Industry’ Creating Another Silent Spring? 
David Barker MIEEM and Ruth Barker

Reassessing Habitat Translocation as a Tool for Delivering New Nature Conservation Priorities and for Conserving Ecological Resources 
John Box CEnv FIEEM

Ecology Legislation Update 
Penny Simpson

An Alternative Method for Catching and Surveying Newts 
David Dewsbury

Offsets for Species in the UK Planning Context: A Possible Methodology 
Larry Burrows MIEEM, Bill Butcher MIEEM and Jo Treweek CEnv MIEEM

Guidelines for Preliminary Ecological Appraisal 
Ben Benatt CEnv MIEEM

Competencies for Species Survey 
Simon Kain

Collaborative Awards in Science and Engineering (CASE) Studentships 
Linda Yost CEnv MIEEM