In Practice Issue 66: Protected Areas (Dec 2009)


Protected Areas: An Overview 
Roger Crofts FIEEM

A Shared Inheritance and a Common Future for Europe’s Protected Areas 
Morwenna Parkyn

Progress in the Establishment of a Marine Protected Area Network in the Black Sea
Paul Goriup CEnv FIEEM

County Wildlife Sites: The Gold That Links the Jewels! 
Alastair Ross CEnv MIEEM

North Sea Marine Protected Area Project
Kirsten Smith

Getting a Design Right for Lesser Horseshoe Bats – Experience from the A487 Porthmadog, Minfford and Tremadog Bypass
Richard Green CEnv MIEEM and Len Wyatt CEnv MIEEM

Helping to Keep the Heart of Europe Beating 
Wilf Fenten

Could Conservation Credits Threaten ‘Ecourbanism’?
Lincoln Garland CEnv MIEEM and Mike Wells CEnv MIEEM

Site Mitigation for Barn Owls – A Case Study 
Colin Shawyer MIEEM and Mary Holmes MIEEM

Ecology Legal Update 
Penny Simpson

2009 Annual Conference Report – Protected Areas: Past, Present and Prospects
Nick Jackson AIEEM

IEEM/FBA Conference Report – The Future of Freshwaters
Michael Dobson

2010 Paper Launched in Parliament
Ceri Margerison and Jason Reeves AIEEM

International Year of Biodiversity 2010
Jason Reeves AIEEM