In Practice Issue 114: Urban and Cultural Ecology (December 2021)

Richard Handley CEcol MCIEEM


Increasing Numbers of Local Nature Reserves in Urban Areas in England over the Past 30 Years
John Box

Space Enough in Lockdown? Managing the Balance in Urban Wetlands in 2020–21
Mathew Frith

London’s Useful Plants: Highlighting the Use and Folklore of Urban Plants to Inspire Conservation Interest
Laura Kor and Mauricio Diazgranados

It’s all About Dualchas and Dileab: Gaelic Place Names and Public Engagement with Ecosystem Services
Phil Baarda

Bermuda: Societal Action for Sustainability and Conservation
Simon Boulter and Katie Medcalf

The Remarkable Recovery of Urban Badgers: Celebration and Challenges
Ben Devine, Helen O’Brien and Ian D. Rotherham

Badger Dung Pits as a Seasonal Food Resource for Mammals and Birds: Implications for Urban Surveys
Morgan Hughes and Scott Brown

The BTO Acoustic Pipeline: An Example of How the Field of Acoustic Monitoring is Developing
Stuart Newson, Simon Gillings and Mike Toms

Blue Carbon: the Sea, the Coast and the Climate Crisis
Richard White and Amber Connett


Urban Wilding: Are There Lessons We Should Learn?
Richard Gowing

Balancing on the Head of a Pin? Response to a Review of Good Practice Guidance by Dean et al. (2021)
Tim Reed

Institute Updates

Ethical Dilemmas

CIEEM Awards 2021: Another Inspirational Year
Sally Hayns

An Update on Continuing Professional Development
Bethany Lovell

Policy Activities Update
Amber Connett

A Good Time to Think About Becoming Chartered
Laura Wilson

CIEEM Training Programme: A Year in Review
Louis Ormston

Greening Our Grey: A Synopsis of the CIEEM Scotland Conference
Annie Robinson

From the Country Project Officers

Sector News

Breaking Down the Barriers to Inclusion
Sally Hayns

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Q&A: Judy Ling Wong

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