In Practice Issue 103: Planning, Licensing and Ecology (March 2019)

Feature Articles

Raising Standards in Planning, Licensing and Ecology
Lisa Kerslake

Ecological Survey Requirements: Conflicts Between Local Validation Checklists and National Guidance
Carlos Abrahams

Transparency, Open Evaluation and the Use of Professional Judgement in Planning Applications
Tim Reed

Natural England’s Advice on Using European Protected Species Licensing Policies 1 and 2 to Benefit Great Crested Newts and Developers
Delphine Pouget and Matthew Heydon

The Rationale for Great Crested Newt District Level Licensing
Rob Cameron, Katherine Burgess and Ben Payne

District Licensing for Great Crested Newts – A Successful First Year for the South Midlands Scheme
Tom Tew and Pascale Nicolet

Great Crested Newt Licensing in England: A Practitioner’s View
Brandon Murray, Neil Madden and Martina Girvan

How Effective are Forestry Guidelines at Protecting Badgers and Their Setts During Clearfelling? Lessons From Ireland
Enda M. Mullen, Teresa MacWhite, Peter K. Maher, Aoibheann Gaughran, David J. Kelly, Nicola M. Marples and Margaret Good

Professional Updates

Implications of Brexit for Devolved Environmental Law in Scotland: Second Update
Chris Cathrine

Mental Health and Well-Being in the Ecology and Environmental Management Profession
Liza Oxford-Booth

Applying for Fellowship
Claire Wansbury

Membership: Evidencing your Competence Effectively
Stuart Parks

Registered Practices

Obituary: Dr Adam Watson FRSE

Policy Activities Updates
Amber Connett

Investing in CIEEM Policy Activities
Jason Reeves

International Focus
Corin Simmonds

British Ecological Society