In Practice Issue 101: Environment and Pollution (September 2018)

Feature Articles

Pollution Prevention Guidance and the Role of the Ecological Clerk of Works
Nicola Tyrrell

The Impact of Dogs on the Environment
Giles Groome, Jonty Denton and Phil Smith

Intensive Poultry Units: Their Potential Impact on Lichens and Lower Plants in Mid Wales
Julian Jones

Light Pollution: An Environmental Concern and a Threat to Insect Populations
Maja Grubisic

Are Insects in Decline? The Jury is Still Out
Simon R. Leather

Can Vegetation Management be a Realistic Response to the Loss of Plant Protection Products?
Keith F.A. Walters and Andrew Cherrill

An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Footprint Tracking Tunnels for Detecting Hazel Dormice
Simone Bullion, Alison Looser and Steve Langton

Meet The Author: Giles Groome

Professional Updates

CIEEM Awards 2018: A Celebration of Achievement in the Sector
Deborah Alexander

Policy Activities Updates
Amber Connett

Charles Gimingham Obituary

CIEEM in Numbers

Review of CIEEM Membership Grades: The Findings

Myth-Busting the Membership Application Process

Chartered Ecologists

Continuing Professional Development – Making It Work For You
Krystie Hamilton

Should CIEEM become a Registered Charity?
Stephanie Wray

Student Hub: Advice for Students

British Ecological Society
Richard English