In Practice Issue 100: Big Issues, Big Ideas (June 2018)

Big Issues

Human Population Growth and Climate Change – Beyond Carrying Capacity?
David Tyldesley

Life in the Big City – Increasing Urbanisation and the Disconnect From Nature
Claire Wansbury

The Hidden Tragedy of the Earth’s Freshwater Ecosystems
Steve Ormerod

Landscape Conservation
Keith J. Kirby

Restoration of Biodiversity
David Hill
(also see supplement to this article)

Environmental Degradation?
Kathy Dale

Getting the Message Across
Stephanie Wray

Where Does Power Lie? And Can We – the Environment Sector – Get Better at Accessing It?
Robin Buxton

Using the Evidence
Rob Marrs

Reaching the Bar
Will Woodrow and Jenny Neff

Feature Articles: Big Ideas

Creating a Mess – The Knepp Rewilding Project
Isabella Tree

‘District Licensing’ for Great Crested Newts – Delivering a Big Idea
Tom Tew, Jeremy Biggs and Tony Gent

Creating a National Conservation Network
David Watson

Introducing the UK Habitat Classification – Updating Our Approach to Habitat Survey, Monitoring and Assessment
Bill Butcher, Peter Carey, Bob Edmonds, Lisa Norton and Jo Treweek

From on High: Creating a Phase 1 Habitat Map Using Aerial Imagery
Iona Pearson, Hannah Thomas and Rose-Ellen Minchew

Do We Need More Evidence-Based Survey Guidance?
Carlos Abrahams and Darryn J. Nash

Professional Updates

CIEEM’s Policy Activities Update
Jason Reeves

Ecology and the Donald Rumsfeld Question
Allison Potts

Celebrating 100 Editions: A Short History of the CIEEM Bulletin
Jason Reeves

Benefits of Being Chartered – What You Told Us

Student Hub: Plans for Summer? Build Your Practical Ecology Skills