CIEEM Response to the NPWS Public Consultation Draft Strategy Statement 2023 -2025

Summary of CIEEM’s key comments:

  1. NPWS Commitment to have a proactive willingness to provide transparent, clear and
    consistent advice to users of the NPWS services.
  2. NPWS taking a proactive approach to providing guidance, highlighting best practice, and taking
    positions on the ever-changing ecological landscape.
  3. Inclusion of Nature Restoration activities in the Core Goals of the NPWS.
  4. Review of the NPWS policy on data sharing.
  5. Time scale and commitment given to the creation of Management plans and site-specific
    conservation objectives for all Natura 2000 sites by the NPWS.
  6. Commitment to review pNHA’s and provide statutory protection, management plans and
    conservation objectives.
  7. NPWS are proactive in ensuring that current advice and guidance is complying with EU and
    national law.
  8. That there is clear communication of licensing processes that is made available and easily
    accessible for all.
  9. NPWS to provide detailed guidance to planning authorities on the matters that should be
    addressed in planning applications.
  10. Urgent guidance is needed to develop a framework for Biodiversity Net Gain in Ireland
  11. That the NPWS undertakes a review of the DAU and works towards a more efficient and
    transparent system.
  12. Resources committed to building awareness of wildlife crime and to prevention measures.
  13. The NPWS engages with addressing the capacity crisis both internally and externally, as
    suggested below