CIEEM Response to the Draft Scottish National Adaptation Plan (2024-2029)

Here you will find our response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the Draft Scottish National Adaptation Plan (2024-2029). This response was developed by our Scotland Policy Group.


Key points:

  • There is no single action for climate adaptation, rather it will require multiple actions aimed at increasing blue and green infrastructure, including (but not limited to): increasing tree cover, connecting natural habitats, pest and disease management, protecting and restoring irreplaceable habitat, such as ancient woodland and peatland, reinforcing natural barriers, such as dunes, and focusing on Nature-based Solutions.
  • We recommend the Scottish Government take the following action for supporting climate adaptation:
    • Work with communities, including communities of interest, to raise awareness of present and anticipated impacts from climate change, and provide advice on how to adapt;
    • Support sustainable businesses and new businesses that have sustainability as a core part of their message and aim;
    • Prioritise climate adaptation in land management and planning decisions, and provide training for planning officers on carbon literacy and nature-based solutions;
    • Support and resource collaborations, including existing Regional Land Use Partnerships, which should be empowered to make decisions on priorities and resourcing at a regional and local level.