Purchase a Webinar or Conference

Recordings of paid for webinars and conferences can be purchased by contacting the Office and Finance Team at enquiries@cieem.net. The webinars cost £10 for members & £20 for non members.

Below is list of our purchasable webinars and conferences:

2018 Webinars:

  • National Dormouse Monitoring Programme: Effective ways to monitor mitigation projects
  • Habitat Structures to Aid Fish Migration
  • Chairing Meetings Effectively
  • Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation
  • DNA Analysis for Species Identification of Bats and Other Mammals – Uses and Limitations
  • Creating High Quality Habitats for the Future

2019 Webinars:

  • A Best Practice and Award Winning Case Study of Stakeholder Engagement
  • Wildflower Grassland Creation
  • Lighting Design and Avoidance of Impact to Bats
  • Using Bioacoustics in Field Survey
  • Delivering the ‘Diversity’ in Biodiversity Net Gain
  • Amphibian Entrapment in Drains: A New Approach to Mitigation
  • A follow on from DNA Analysis for Species Identification of Bats and other Mammals – Uses and Limitations
  • A Refresher for Writing Effective Reports

2020 Webinars: 

  • Exploring What’s New in the Ecology Assessment of BREEAM
  • Water Voles and Mitigation Techniques – Understanding the Science Driving Your Decisions in the Field
  • Building a Better Future: People, Planet, Profit
  • Managing Solar Parks for Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services
  • Rewilding – Busting the Myths and Making it Happen
  • Creating New Amenity Road Verges of Value to Wildlife: The Importance of low soil fertility
  • Top Tips for Ecological Planning Submissions: A Local Authority Perspective
  • Mapping River Habitats From the Air
  • Identifying and Tackling Japanese Knotweed
  • How to Consider Terrestrial Invertebrates in Ecology Projects
  • How to get the Biodiversity data that you need: Understanding LERCs and avoiding data pitfalls

2021 Webinars: 

  • Drones: Tackling Environmental Issues
  • Nature and Health: The ways in which nature is good for us
  • Coastal Plants and Halophytes
  • Yellow Meadow Ants in Grassland Ecology: Engineers, Farmers and Conservationists
  • The Role of Plants in Designing Biodiverse Green Infrastructure for Long-term Sustainability
  • An Introduction to Ecological Assessment of New Woodland Creation: Opportunities and Guidance for Consultants

2020 Conferences:

  • Online Irish Conference – Conservation Approaches to Benefit Biodiversity: Big Ideas for Big Challenges
  • Online Summer Conference – Climate and Biodiversity Crises: Professional Approaches and Practical Actions
  • Online Scottish Conference – Land Use in Scotland: Changes, Challenges and Solutions
  • Online Annual Conference – Time to Change: Putting the Environment at the Heart of Social and Economic Wellbeing

2021 Conferences:

  • Online Welsh Conference – Sustainable Management of Freshwater Resource: Bringing our Rivers back to Life
  • Online Spring Conference – Long term Ecological Research Projects: Using Evidence to Inform Practice
  • Online Irish Conference – Nature Based Solutions: Opportunities in a time of biodiversity crisis and climate emergency
  • Online Scottish Conference – Greening our Grey: Improving the Biodiversity in Urban Landscapes
  • Autumn Conference – Management, Mitigation and Monitoring

2022 Conferences:

  • Online Wales Conference – Invertebrates: Think Small to see the Bigger Picture
  • Spring Conference – Taking Biodiversity Net Gain from Theory to Practice
  • Online Irish Conference – Sector Symbiosis: The Art of Interdisciplinary Working for Ecological Benefit