Eligibility and Fees


All applicants are required to meet defined eligibility criteria in order to be assessed for registration. To become a Chartered Ecologist:

  • You must be, or be willing to become, a Full member or Fellow of CIEEM, or be a member of another professional body which has been licensed by CIEEM to put forward candidates.
  • You must be an ‘active’ ecologist whether in an employed, self-employed, retired or otherwise voluntary capacity. This may include contributing expertise, being a source of expert advice and guidance and sharing knowledge.
  • You must also have evidence of compliance with CIEEM’s mandatory minimum Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirement of 30 hours per annum, at least 20 hours of which should be structured CPD.
  • You must be able to evidence continuing compliance with your own professional body’s Code of Conduct with no complaints upheld in the three-year period leading up to your application.
  • You must meet the minimum competence requirements at the Accomplished or Authoritative levels as defined by CIEEM’s Competency Framework. We strongly recommend that, in the first instance, you complete a self-assessment of your competence level for each of the competencies within CIEEM’s Competency Framework to satisfy yourself that you are working at the required level.

How much does it cost?

The payment schedule is broken down into two stages:

Stage 1

£95.00 – Initial assessment fee (including VAT, non-refundable).

Previously unsuccessful CEcol applicants will receive a 50% reduction of the initial assessment fee if their new application is received by the Secretariat within 12 months of the notification of their outcome.

In order to pass Stage 1, all competencies must be assessed as being sufficiently evidenced.  If you are required to resubmit any competencies (up to a maximum of two), there will be an additional administration fee of £15.00.

PLEASE NOTE: The Stage 1 fee is due with your initial application. If your application is successful, you will be asked if you wish to complete Stage 2. The Stage 2 fee is due upon invitation to a Professional Review Interview (PRI) and must be paid in advance of your interview.

Stage 2

£109.00 – Professional Review Interview fee (including VAT, non-refundable).

If successful at interview, a registration fee will then be payable:

£100.00 – CEcol registration fee (VAT exempt, one-off payment and includes your CEcol first annual payment).

To maintain your Chartered Ecologist registration an annual fee of £65.00 applies. If you are a CIEEM member it will be payable along with your CIEEM membership renewal on the 1st of October each year. If you are not a CIEEM member it will be due on the 1st of October each year.  Non-members should also be aware that in addition to the CEcol registration fee, they will be required to pay their membership fee as a Full member.  Invoices for Full members are generated on a pro-rata basis depending on the quarter of the subscription year in which the application was successful.  Please see the Membership Fees page for more information about the subscription fee amounts and the pro-rata table.

Please note, applicants admitted to the Register in July, August or September are entitled to registration until 30th September of the following year. All subsequent subscriptions are payable annually on 1st October.