Promoting Health, Safety and Well-being

Promoting Health, Safety and Well-being

Health, safety and well-being are important to us all and we have a responsibility to ourselves, our families and our colleagues to look after ourselves and each other. Sometimes we need a little help and this area of our website is designed to provide that help.

Our 2019 report of a survey of our members showed that the profession faces some health, safety and well-being challenges that result from the nature of our work (although they are by no means unique to our profession). Long, unsociable working hours, extended periods away from home, too many short deadlines and conflict situations are contributory factors to poor physical and mental well-being. They can result in poor sleep patterns, tiredness, isolation, accidents, high levels of stress and altered behaviour.

We hope that all our members can recognise the signs when their well-being is being affected by work or other pressures, and that they have someone you can turn to for help. But we also wanted to provide some practical support.   CIEEM members can now access advice and resources, as well as free confidential counselling services, on a range of issues, through our Member Assistance Programme.  You can find details of this this under ‘Member Benefits’ by logging in to the ‘My CIEEM’ area of the website.  Additionally, in this area of our website, you will find some resources which have been provided by members for members. They include:

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We hope that you find these useful. If you have something to share with us, please do so by emailing