CIEEM Publishes Strategic Plan 2021-2024

CIEEM has published it’s latest 3-year Strategic Plan, which covers 2021 to 2024.

The Plan sets out our overarching ambitions for the next three years, for which we have identified five equal and inter-linked goals that, in combination, will enable us to achieve positive outcomes for nature and society throughout the 3-year period.

The five goals are:

Raise Standards

  • Our ambition is to see the professional practice of ecology and environmental management delivered to the highest standards to deliver the best outcomes for nature and people.

Champion Change

  • CIEEM has an important leadership role in bringing about positive and lasting change in a number of areas relevant to our work. Creating a more diverse profession, improving attitudes to health and wellbeing in the sector and promoting inter-disciplinary understanding and collaboration are examples of positive change.

Challenge & Influence

  • We are facing twin environmental crises of a changing climate and increasing biodiversity loss. Our land, rivers and seas continue to be under intense pressure from unsustainable management and development practices. At a time of political uncertainties and new opportunities within the UK and Europe, it is imperative that the voice of experienced ecologists and environmental managers is heard and that CIEEM uses its expertise to challenge and influence policy-makers and decision-makers to do better.

Achieve Action 2030

Strengthen & Improve

  • Successful delivery is dependent on having the organisational capacity, systems and processes to support our ambitious activities. We are fortunate to have a talented and committed staff team, energetic and enthusiastic volunteers and a loyal membership to support our work. We need to maintain our growth and influence whilst remaining resilient and responsive to change.

Read the Strategic Plan.