CIEEM Declares Climate Emergency and Biodiversity Crisis

We have today issued a declaration on the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis. The declaration calls for action from our members, governments and society on reducing greenhouse gas emissions through nature-based solutions.

The declaration stresses that the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis are inextricably linked and must be addressed together. Restoring biodiversity has the potential to both mitigate against the effects of climate change, through enhancing carbon-storing habitats such as peat bogs, and helping society and nature to adapt to the inevitable challenges we face from a changing climate.

It is vital, as never before, that the work of CIEEM, its members and wider ecology and environment management professions continue to be at the forefront of targeted action. We have agreed to implement a number of actions to lead the way for the sector in taking urgent action to address the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis.

We will be forming a working group to formulate specific advice and actions for members and the sector to avoid or reduce operational impacts on climate and biodiversity when undertaking our roles. We have also committed to reviewing our own operational impacts across our offices, activities and procurement. In our first step to achieve this, we have updated our Environmental Policy.

In addition to the declaration, we have published a briefing, titled ‘Climate Emergency and Biodiversity Crisis: The Facts and Figures’, which summarises the current evidence and actions.

The CIEEM 2019 Scottish conference will also focus on climate change and the impacts on Scotland’s wildlife and landscapes.


*NB: The working group mentioned above has now been launched. Find out more about Action 2030!