Celebrating National Mentoring Day

Each year on 27 October, National Mentoring Day is held to recognise and celebrate the benefits of mentoring. Founded by Chelsey Baker, an award-winning business mentor, the day was launched to celebrate mentoring with a key focus on recognising excellence and raising awareness of the significant benefits of mentoring to encourage more people to get involved in mentoring.

To mark National Mentoring Day we wanted to remind our members of CIEEM’s Mentoring Platform – a resource that is available to all our members. The platform connects those looking for support through mentoring – the ‘mentee’, with a suitable ‘mentor’.

Currently, there are over 350 members receiving mentoring and a further 120 members are volunteering their time to provide support and advice as mentors. With around 7000 CIEEM members, we are keen to encourage you to consider mentoring and how this can help you as a mentee and also as a mentor.

Mentoring support

Whether you have just left university, joined from another sector or are in the later stages of your career, a mentor can help you gain a better understanding of yourself and improve your skills.

Maybe you feel stuck in your career and are not sure how you can move to the next level, are facing some difficult career decisions, want support upgrading your membership or applying for chartership, or maybe you are facing work challenges that you need to address. A mentor can be of benefit in all these situations.

One of our mentors, John Box commented on why someone might consider being mentored:

Mentoring can provide a different view – and an independent view – for those who are thinking about a change of job, career progression, upgrading the CIEEM membership or becoming chartered.

If you think you could benefit from having a mentor, then why not take a look at our Mentoring Platform. Discover the support available to you and sign up to benefit from the support of others.

Could you be our next Mentor?

A mentor is someone who will encourage and support a person to make the most of their career and develop their personal skills. They do this by providing impartial, non-judgmental guidance and support. A mentor’s role isn’t to tell a mentee what to do, it is to act as a guide.

As a mentor, you can help someone reach their potential. This can be achieved by “listening, praising, offering support, suggestion options, giving feedback, helping set SMART goals’”– John Box, mentor.

The mentoring offered to members through the Mentoring Platform is only possible due to the support and dedication of our pool of mentors who are CIEEM members who volunteer their time to help others.

At present we have 120 mentors who are currently supporting 350 mentees, so we are keen to encourage more of our members to consider becoming a mentor. If we have more mentors available, then we can offer more of our members the opportunity to receive valuable support and advice. We are also looking to increase the range of expertise being provided to further develop the support available.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor then have a look at our blog ‘Could you be our next Mentor’ for some insights into what the role entails.

In addition to this, to mark International Mentoring Day on 17 January 2023, we will be holding a webinar with a panel of Mentors providing greater insights into the role of a mentor – what skills are needed, how much commitment, the benefits of being a mentor. We will also be going through how the CIEEM Mentoring Platform works and tools that enhance the experience. At the end, we will have a Q&A session.

You can book your free webinar place now.

What could you do today to mark National Mentoring Day?
  • Sign up to the Mentoring Platform as a mentor or mentee.
  • Already signed up? Then check your profile details are up to date, maybe it is time to refresh your profile and consider what you are looking for in a mentor, set yourself a new challenge or skill to learn.
  • If you are a mentor, then log in to see any potential matches you have and also reach out to those who you mentor to see how they are progressing.
  • If you are being mentored or have received mentoring, then why not reach out to your mentor to say thank you and give them an update on what you are up to and how their support might have helped you. Give them a call, send a text or drop them an email to say thank you. Why not arrange a catch-up or share your gratitude on social media.
  • Book yourself a place on our next mentoring webinar
  • Share your top tips for being mentored or providing mentoring to others.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, then do get in contact with us at mentoring@cieem.net