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4 ways you can get involved with CIEEM as a Volunteer right now!

Volunteers are the beating heart of CIEEM, and each year we work with nearly 400 individual volunteers across every aspect of our work. From assessing membership applications, to feeding into policy consultations, to raising the profile of our professions amongst the next generation, and everything in-between. This Volunteers’ Week we want to take the opportunity say THANK YOU for the time, energy, expertise, skills, commitment and passion of our incredible network of volunteers.  

Volunteering with CIEEM offers a unique insight into the organisational operations of CIEEM, and allows members to expand their professional networks, develop new skills experience and contribute to their CPD. If you are interested in taking on a new challenge, below are some opportunities you can get involved with right now!   More details on all volunteering opportunities can be found in MyCIEEM

Interested in Policy?

The Strategic Policy Panel (SPP) and Country Policy Working Groups at CIEEM play a pivotal role in shaping the future of ecological science and practice. The Strategic Policy Panel works in collaboration with the Country Policy Working Groups which allow members to focus on issues closer to home.

As a member of CIEEM’s Strategic Policy Panel, you’ll provide strategic leadership on developing and delivering our policy positions and activities. You’ll engage in strategic horizon-scanning and monitor external issues to proactively identify key policy areas. Your oversight will extend to fostering partnerships and liaising with relevant bodies, guiding policy issues through consultations, and publishing reports and position briefings to inform policymakers and the public. You’ll also help organise and participate in events and meetings that communicate ecological science to diverse audiences. Ensure our perspectives are represented to government and other bodies, solidifying our role as the voice of the profession.

Good at problem solving?

We are currently looking for a volunteer to join our Audit, Risk and Investment committee (ARIC). In this role you will have the opportunity to work closely with members of the governing board and secretariat to scrutinise and propose solutions for areas of potential risk to CIEEM. These important roles have a tangible impact on the future of the organisation by assessing risks which may be reputational, operational or financial in nature.  

The Audit, Risk and Investment committee (ARIC) typically meets 3-4 times a year via video call, unless it is specifically necessary to meet in person, in such instances CIEEM would cover reasonable travel expenses to ensure you are never out-of-pocket. This unique chance to feed into the continued success of the organisation is open to any Full Members or Fellows looking for a new challenge and professional development opportunity.  

Passionate about bringing professionals together?

Member Networks are run by members for members. Member Networks provide opportunities for members to share knowledge, meet like-minded people and learn more about the science and practice of our profession. Thanks to the work of dedicated teams of volunteers, CIEEM Members have the opportunity to exchange experiences, cultivate sector connections, and enact meaningful change via the 18 established Member Networks and Special Interest Groups currently in operation.

We are actively searching for new volunteers to help support the work of these fantastic networks to engage members, and deliver varied and interesting programmes of events. If you are passionate about the ecology, species and habitats local to you, then becoming a Member Networks Committee Volunteer is a brilliant way to share that enthusiasm and knowledge with others, and engage audiences from students to experienced ecologists and environmental managers on the species, habitats and projects that are of greatest interest.

We are particularly looking for volunteers from the following geographical regions: Wales, East Midlands, North East England and South East England.

Help CIEEM achieve Action 2030…

The Action 2030 Working Group is made up of passionate and dedicated members who are committed to driving positive change in addressing the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis. We work collaboratively to provide advice to CIEEM on our journey to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030 in all of our operations and activities. The working group identifies means by which CIEEM can lead change to professional practice and provides information and advice to members on how they can help to address the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis through their professional work. We are currently looking for more volunteers to contribute their skills and expertise to this group. We are particularly looking for representation from Wales, Scotland and the island of Ireland and from local authorities, statutory bodies and voluntary organisations.

More details on all volunteering opportunities can be found in MyCIEEM