Welsh Government Launch New Initiative to Bring Nature to Communities

The Welsh Government, in partnership with Keep Wales Tidy, has launched a new scheme which offers over 800 pre-paid nature ‘starter packages’ to communities across Wales.

Starter packages will include all materials needed to create a community nature area, guidance on how to install it and Keep Wales Tidy officer time to provide advice and support.

Of the 801 starter packages there will be 267 of each type available:

  • 267 x Butterfly Gardens – The package will include bright, aromatic, nectar-rich plants e.g. lavender, honeysuckle, tools, compost, border/trellis, and a planting plan with dimensions and guidance document on how to manage the site long-term.
  • 267 x Fruit Gardens – The package will include fruit trees, soft fruit bushes, cane fruit and strawberries. It will also include native wildflower seeds so pollinator-friendly flowers can be grown, hand tools, compost, tree guards, netting and guidance.
  • 267 x Wildlife Gardens – The package will include wildlife boxes, native wildflower seeds, climbing plants (e.g. clematis and honeysuckle) and trellis, compost and hand tools. There will be guidance on management, advice on why it is important to let grass grow (and learn to relax about weeds!) and other ways to garden for wildlife.

A further 66 ‘Development packages’, will be made available for particularly ambitious communities. These will enable them to create larger-scale projects such as a sustainable urban drainage scheme, a community food growing place or a nature space.