Updated Natural England Protected Species Standing Advice

Following a review, Natural England has published updated Protected Species Standing Advice on GOV.UK for local planning authorities, as well as revised advice on Great Crested Newts. New guidance for developers has also been prepared. The guidance takes on board feedback from stakeholders that it should reflect policy changes, be streamlined and simplified for local authority planners and better distinguish between planning and licensing requirements. The Standing Advice for other protected species will be reviewed in the New Year.

Advice for Local Planning Authorities has been streamlined to set out what planning authorities need to consider when making decisions on planning applications. This sets out guidance on survey requirements, assessing information provided by developers, agreeing avoidance, mitigation or compensation measures, considering whether a protected species licence is likely to be granted and making a decision.

Advice on Great Crested Newts has been simplified to set out what planning authorities need to consider and to refer to District Level Licensing.

Guidance for Developers preparing a planning proposal aims to help developers assess impacts on protected species, including survey requirements and consider how to avoid, mitigate or compensate for impacts. It also explains the licensing process, including District Level Licensing.

Please send any feedback on the updated standing advice to Joanna.russell@naturalengland.org.uk.