Tweed Forum Report: 18 Years of Invasive Species Control in the Tweed Catchment

The Tweed Invasives Project has now reached its 18th year of tackling invasive plant species in and around the River Tweed. The Tweed Forum has published a report to present the cumulative knowledge of the project, going through each stage of the programme and how it evolved over time, providing guidance for other organisations planning invasive species projects.

The project began in 2002 following consultation with stakeholders who identified Giant Hogweed as a key issue threatening the river Tweed. The focus of the project then grew to include Himalayan Balsam, American Skunk Cabbage and Japanese Knotweed.

The project has vastly reduced the abundance of Giant Hogweed and Japanese Knotweed and has contained American Skunk Cabbage at its source of introduction.

The guide details methods used, challenges and lessons learned, including engaging local volunteers, monitoring and funding.

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