Scottish Government Lead International Declaration on Biodiversity Action

Scottish Government has led the agreement of an international statement of intent, known as the Edinburgh Declaration, calling for bold action on biodiversity loss.

The statement outlines the concern from the parties that none of the 20 Aichi Biodiversity Targets for 2020 have been fully met globally and calls for “transformative change” across all sectors. The statement also calls for leaders to work more closely with “indigenous peoples and local communities, women and youth, non-governmental organisations, and wider society”.

Those signed up to the agreement have committed to mainstreaming biodiversity across public, private and business sectors; increasing resources for investment in biodiversity and Nature-based Solutions; and raising public awareness, amongst other committments.

The declaration has been signed by local politicians and conservation bodies from Scotland, Wales, Quebec, Germany, Sweden, Spain, and Japan, and is now open for further signatories.