Scotland Member Network Event: The Amplification of Plant Disease Risk through Ecological Restoration

At this CIEEM Scotland Member Network event Dr Ruth Mitchell, Biodiversity and Ecosystems Group Leader at the James Hutton Institute highlighted the importance of considering the risks non-native plant pests and pathogens pose in semi-natural habitats. When conducting management operations in all habitats we need to be aware of these risks, conduct appropriate risk assessments and have appropriate biosecurity in place.

The webinar covered three areas:

1) What are the risks plant pests and pathogens pose to our native habitats?

2) How aware are those conducting habitat restoration and creation of the risks plant pests and pathogens pose? (This will include the results of a survey that CIEEM members contributed to.)

3) What can we do about these risks?

Dr Ruth Mitchell completed a Scottish Plant Health Centre fellowship which led to the publication of Biosecurity Best Practice for Conservation guidance.

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Free for members and non-members

Event held 16/01/2024