Scotland Member Network Event : Diversifying our Woodlands to Increase Resilience

This member network event introduced the DiversiTree project (funded by the UKRI Treescapes programme).  DiversiTree addresses four knowledge gaps related to the diversification of woodlands:

1) How do stakeholders understand forest diversity, their diversification strategies, and their visions and ambitions for diverse future forests?

2) Are the microbes found on the leaves of trees more diverse in woodlands with mixed tree species and does this help trees to better defend themselves against diseases?

3) How may diversification of tree species within a wood allow the continued support of woodland biodiversity?

4) How do we implement and communicate management strategies to increase woodland resilience?

This event featured a variety of guest speakers including:
Dr Ruth Mitchell, Biodiversity and Ecosystems Group Leader, James Hutton Institute
Dr Chris Nichols, Conservation Evidence Manager, Woodland Trust
Mojgan Rabiey, Microbiologist, Birmingham University
Norman Dandy, Social Scientist and Director of the Sir William Roberts Centre for Sustainable Land Use, Bangor University
Rob Jackson, Director of BIFoR, Birmingham University
Seumas Bates, Environmental Anthropologist, Bangor University

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