Online Symposium: Programme

Mitigation translocations happen in large numbers and have more funding than science-based conservation translocations. They have the potential to serve as an important conservation tool. However, despite their ethical intentions, the ecological impacts and conservation outcomes are often not monitored, documented or disseminated and therefore remain unclear. In order for these interventions to contribute to long-term nature recovery in the UK, mitigation translocations must be designed to benefit the biological needs of species and utilise the evidence gained from the rapid growth in scientific research of reintroduction biology.

Drawing upon the IUCN guidelines and the Scottish and English codes for conservation translocations, this symposium will steer you through the processes required to implement an ecologically and socially responsible translocation.

You will have the opportunity to put your questions to experts, hear exemplary case studies and gain the knowledge required to promote the necessity of carrying out a properly conducted translocation.